Is Sen. Mike Lee’s Proposed Bill a Game-Changer for Churches?

Erica Ritz
The Blaze

Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) discussed the Marriage and Religious Freedom Act on The Glenn Beck Program Thursday, describing how the proposed legislation could be a game-changer for churches across the country.

Lee, who introduced the bill with eleven original cosponsors last week, said the most “fundamental purpose” of the legislation is to protect religious institutions, particularly when it comes to their views on marriage.

“It would make it impossible for the federal government to discriminate against such churches, or against similarly situated organizations, based on the belief and action taken in conformity with the belief that marriage exists between one man and one woman,” Lee explained.

“A church, in other words, should not have to make a decision between … putting its tax exempt status at risk, and on the other hand, either maintaining or continuing to adhere to … its own religious beliefs relative to marriage,” the senator added.

Guest host Buck Sexton pressed the senator on whether such a bill will make an impact, saying “it seems like even a straightforward, black-letter law is no impediment to President Obama’s progressive agenda.”

But Lee said that’s the exact reason it is so important to “drill down on this specific issue.”

“The government should have no say in what an individual or what a church might believe regarding the sanctity of marriage,” Lee said. “This is a decision to be made without the influence of government, particularly without the influence of the federal government. And so that’s what we’re trying to do here — keep the federal government at bay, and out of that decision-making process.”



Watch the video at The Blaze.



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