Is the Va. attorney general wasting tax money on Obamacare lawsuit? No.

Mark Hemingway
Washington Examiner

Democrats assailed Virginia attorney general for filing suit to stop Obamacare. In response to their claims that Ken Cucinelli was wasting money on the suit, his communications director just sent out the following press release:


I’ve been seeing lots of headlines, Democrat press releases about how much money the Attorney General’s office is spending on this lawsuit, and how outraged Democrats are that Attorney General Cuccinelli is “wasting” our hard earned tax dollars.

Some numbers to consider:

• ObamaCare’s cost to Virginia over next 12 years: $1.1 billion

• Cost of Virginia’s lawsuit to stop ObamaCare: $350.
No paid outside counsel, no witnesses, no depositions. Just the filing fee.

ObamaCare: Roughly 3 percent of the state’s annual budget.

Lawsuit to stop ObamaCare: Roughly one 64 GB iPod touch.

Next argument, please.

Well, that’s pithy.

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