Islamic states reject UN’s attempt to protect women; it violates Sharia Law

Michael Dorstewitz
BizPac Review

The Kuwait News Agency KUNA reported that the Islamic member states of the United Nations Human Rights Council formally rejected provisions of a council resolution condemning and calling for the elimination of violence against women because those provision violate Sharia law.

The Islamic member states objected to, for example, the assertion that women have “the right to control matters concerning their sexual lives as well as their reproductive health without coercion, discrimination or violence,” according to KUNA.

Getting to specifics, they objected to any notion of rape within marriage and the treatment of women as anything other than chattel…

…As much as I may disdain the United Nations, its human rights resolution didn’t ask for much. It merely called for “the enhancement of women’s human rights, protection, equal participation in communities to men.”…


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…In the U.K. there has been a steady stream of cases where primarily under- privileged young English girls have been targeted, groomed and raped by gangs of what the British press euphemistically refers to as Asian men. However, the published names of the perpetrators are primarily of Pakistan and Afghanistan origin when the gang rapists appear in court. The Asian gangs do not contain rapists from China, Japan, and the Philippines.

Cases have been reported in Rochdale, Rotherham, Derby, Bradford, Blackpool – the list goes on. An article regarding the phenomenon in Standpoint notes: “According to some of the mothers, a fear of being branded racist makes many of the police and social services reluctant to investigate the crimes as organised and connected. One mother from Rotherham, whose 14-year-old daughter was groomed into prostitution and multiply raped during a 12-month period, told me that almost every man convicted of these crimes in the north of England is from Pakistan but that the authorities insist that it is not relevant.”…

…The silence across MSM in Europe regarding the growing number of gang-rapes against white women by Muslim men and grooming gangs is indeed deafening.


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