Islamist groups set up camp in Haiti

Creeping Sharia

“Why is wearing jeans and riding a moped without a headscarf now a problem for a woman in Banda Aceh, the Indonesian city devastated by the tsunami of December 2004?” The answer is sharia law. Could a similar disaster be headed to Haiti?

If you think it’s not possible, consider that numerous Islamist organizations are now operating on the ground in Haiti and at least one group that was active in Aceh, Islamic Relief USA, has established an Islamic administered camp in Haiti. See the image and video below.


The Ikhwan is represented in Haiti by unindicted co-conspirators to the largest Islamic terror financing trial in the U.S., ISNA, who is distributing funds and identifies other Islamist groups also on the ground in Haiti:

The Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA), one of ISNA’s constituent organizations, already has a team of physicians operating on the ground. It will send another team by this weekend, and is forming more teams to go to Haiti. ISNA is sending $20,000 to IMANA to help meet the immediate need of medical care for the thousands of injured.

Islamic Relief USA aid workers are in Haiti distributing food and water. They are also assessing other projects to help the suffering. ISNA is sending $15,000 to Islamic Relief to help in their efforts on the ground.

Zakat Foundation of America has a team in Haiti distributing food, water and medical supplies. Even before the earthquake, Zakat Foundation had workers in Haiti supplying food to the hungry. ISNA is sending $15,000 to Zakat Foundation to facilitate their work.

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