Islands in the stream: The extraordinary homemade dams holding back the Mississippi as desperate residents try to save their homes

Daily Mail [UK]
19th May 2011

  • Residents go to extreme measures to save their homes
  • Flooding claims its first death

We’ve all undertaken home improvements but these residents in flood-stricken Mississippi have had to embark on major construction projects just to protect their houses and livelihoods.

These homes in Vicksburg are all situated along the Yazoo River, a tributary of the overflowing Mississippi River, and their owners have surrounded themselves with tons of earth and sand.

With questions over whether the main levees that protect the area from floods would hold, these farmers took no chances and have so far saved their homes and crops from destruction.

The flooding, which has been ongoing since the last week of April, is expected to reach its peak in Vicksburg tomorrow.

However, temporary measures have not worked for everyone…

Washout: Floodwater from the Yazoo river creeps across fields of crops near Yazoo City. Click on the image to view at full size.

The article, with many more photos, a map and video, continues at the Daily Mail.

H/T Kathy Shaidle:  Alt headline: People who voted for McCain don’t hold up ‘HELP US’ signs during floods. Read the rest of her commentary at Five Feet of Fury.

We would suggest rather than John McCain, the people who voted for Sarah Palin wouldn’t be found standing on the rooftops of their homes waiting to be rescued!

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