Isolated Indoctrination? Third graders sing a song supporting Occupy Wall Street

Glenn Beck


Glenn has spent the last couple of years exposing indoctrination in America’s universities and public schools. Glenn has taught hours of history most Americans had never heard. He dedicated multiple shows to showing Black History that has been left out of text books in our schools, and exposed teachers pushing union and leftists agendas on students in the classroom.

Today was no different. After a story on was released about a Virginia school district defending a class of third graders singing a song called “I’m So Happy to be Part of the 99%,” Glenn pointed out the obvious fact that these children obviously didn’t write this song. I mean really? A group of third grades write and compose a song about the 99%, distribute it to their class, and decide to sing it in unison? Unlikely.

The indoctrination is becoming so blatant in our schools that teachers are openly teaching 3rd graders that there is an evil 1%, and the local school district is so okay with it that they are defending them. These are your tax dollars at work, America. Glenn pointed out several other examples of blatant indoctrination on some of our most highly acclaimed college campuses. At Columbia they’ve gone so far as to devote an entire class to Occupy Wall Street. That’s right, class credit for learning about and attending the Occupy Wall Street movement. Over at Princeton there is a new history book being released—a new anti-Tea Party history book.

So, everyone was a little shocked with an exchange that took place between Glenn and a caller today on the radio program about comments Glenn made regarding indoctrination in our schools…

The transcription of the exchange is at

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