Israel defends itself against hundreds of rocket attacks. Tut-tut!

Melanie Phillips
14 November 2012

So here we go again. In the four days from Saturday until yesterday, Islamic terrorists under the Hamas umbrella fired more than 120 rockets from Gaza at Israeli civilians, along with a number of mortar shells. Some hit civilian homes and factories; some civilians were lightly wounded and others treated for shock.  Some million or so inhabitants of southern Israel have been under siege from such attacks for years, with air raid sirens giving people just a few seconds to find shelter. If there weren’t so many shelters, there would be more casualties.

None of this has caused the slightest concern in Britain or the west. The rocket attacks have barely been reported. But today, Israel finally took action. In a targeted drone strike on Gaza it killed Ahmed Jabari, the leader of Hamas’s military wing and second-in-command of the Iranian proxy al-Qassam Brigades, a man who was  linked to hundreds of terror operations and human bomb attacks over several decades, and his second-in-command, Raed Al Attar.

If you look at the video footage of the strike, you can see the care the Israelis took to avoid other casualties, waiting until the terror commanders’ car had passed other traffic before striking it…

…in the mindset of the BBC and Foreign Office, 120-plus rockets in four days is not an escalation of violence or attempted mass murder; but a targeted strike to kill two individuals who have been organising such attacks, in order to prevent them from organising any more, is an escalation…

The entire article is at Melanie Phillips’ blog.

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Netanyahu: “Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others are deliberately harming our citizens, while intentionally hiding behind their citizens”

It is good that he said it. Not that the international media will pay any attention at all. They aid and abet the “Palestinian” propaganda about Israelis harming civilians. …

There’s more at Winds of Jihad.

Israel fires back after month-long attacks from Syria

After months of fire, Israel has responded to attacks from Syria.

In the first such operation since the 1973 war, the Israel Army fired a precision-guided anti-tank missile toward a Syrian Army position in the Golan Heights. The Israeli fire on Nov. 11 came after numerous incidents of fire toward Israeli positions.

Over the last month, Israel reported several Syrian Army violations of the Golan Heights demilitarization zone. In November, the violations included the entry of three Syrian Army main battle tanks, a mortar landing near an Israeli community and light arms fire on an Israeli border patrol.

“The message has certainly been relayed,” Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said.

Officials said the Israeli military was bracing for intensified fire from Syria. They said communities in the Golan Heights have been ordered to prepare shelters for the prospect of Syrian shelling.

“There were several cases in which single rockets fired from Syria landed in Israel,” Barak said. “I ordered the Israel Defense Forces to retaliate if this reoccurs.”…

Ahmed Jabari: Eliminated

In response to months of escalating rocket attacks on Israeli civilians from terrorists in Hamas-run Gaza, Israel has begun a self-defense operation. It started with taking out the head of the self-proclaimed “military” or terrorist branch of Hamas who was unaffectionately known as Hamas Bin Laden.  The Israel Project has posted useful background information here. We wish the IDF Godspeed in its critical mission…

UN Calls Emergency Meeting Concerning Israel’s Attack on Hamas Killers

…Attacks on Israeli towns and communities continue as you read this message:

  • +120 rockets have been fired at Israel this week.
  • +760 rockets have been fired at Israel in 2012.
  • +2500 rockets have been fired at Israel since 2009.
  • Terrorists hold more than 10,000 rockets in Gaza.
  • One million Israelis, 14% of the population, are under the threat of rocket fire.
    • That is equivalent to 44 million U.S. citizens under the threat of rocket fire.
  • Gaza terrorists targeted an IDF jeep this week, injuring four soldiers. (Video)
  • Hamas rules the Gaza strip and is responsible for all that occurs in Gaza and all that is launched form there.
  • Hamas, supported by Iran, has wielded authority over the Gaza Strip since 2007…


UpdateIsrael Supporters Mock Jihadists With #HamasBumperStickers, Progs Outraged  Heh.

“Israel has declared war…” A video with Michael Coren and Robert Spencer.


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