“It was sad when my daughter looked at me and said, ‘I thought we lived in a free country.’ “

[CAJ note: Maybe someone in Quincy, IL prematurely hit the panic button while the President was in town yesterday; or this was meant to provoke those gathered to respond with violence; or it was yet another attempt to smear the Tea Party attendees that failed…miserably…]

At MichelleMalkin.com Doug Powers has this article: Riot Police Called in to Protect Obama from Out of Control Tea Party

Look at these extremist maniacs!

Look at these extremist maniacs!

And at HotAir.com Allahpundit has this article with video: SWAT team outside Obama event beats back geriatric tea-party hordes

So we have the elderly, women, and children facing a SWAT team?

via Jim Hoft at BigGovernment.com

via Jim Hoft at BigGovernment.com

Quincy Child Explains The Constitution To The President – Asks For Apology
by Andrew Marcus

Jim Hoft sent in this video of a child he spoke with in Quincy, IL. The child appears to know more about The Constitution than the Obama administration.

One priceless quote: “That was very rude!”

We Shall Overcome!

UPDATE: Jim Hoft has more video and photographs at GatewayPundit (link below), including a statement released by the local police department:

Oops! Quincy PD Releases Bogus Statement; Lashes Out at Protesting Granmas… Forgets About Army of Videographers

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