It’s Time for Obama to Change Course

By Jay Cost
September 3, 2009

As we all know, President Obama’s poll position has been sliding for some time. In the last two months, his net approval rating has gone from +25.5 to +11.1 in the RealClearPolitics average.

Contrary to the suggestions of some, the President should be worried about this. There are three reasons why.

First, the President’s approval on key issues is lower than his overall job approval rating. This suggests that he might not yet have hit an approval floor.

Second, the President’s formal powers are exceedingly narrow when it comes to pushing a domestic reform agenda. A quick perusal of Article II of the Constitution will confirm this. The powers that the Framers formally granted to the President are actually few and far between, at least as regards the home front. The growth of the bureaucratic state has expanded the President’s power, as there are more governmental activities for him to manage. Also, Congress has ceded some legislative powers to executive agencies that report to the President.

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