Jake Tapper: Obama learned extent of Egypt violence Thursday morning

Ashe Schow
The Washington Examiner

CNN host Jake Tapper said President Obama’s decision to speak about the violence in Egypt on Thursday came after a phone call that morning where he was informed about the severity of the situation.

Tapper said the news came from a senior White House official, who said Obama was briefed on the situation by National Security Adviser Susan Rice on Wednesday. Apparently, the woman who had blamed the September 11, 2012, attack on Benghazi on a Youtube video did not fully inform the president during his vacation about the violence taking place in Egypt…

…”If Jake Tapper is right, then the president would be well-served to seek information from other sources besides Susan Rice, who somehow failed to recognize the attack on the Benghazi diplomatic mission as terrorism for many days after the attack last year,” wrote James Phillips of the Heritage Foundation. “But he chose to promote her for her political loyalty despite her foreign policy errors.”…


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Update: “Horrible”: Christian churches throughout Egypt stormed, torched at CNN.

As violence again scars Egypt, Christians believe they’re being targeted amidst the chaos following a government crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood.


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