James Cameron, eco-hypocrite

UK’s Independent covers James Cameron’s eco-hypocrisy

Kristin McMurray
Not Evil Just Wrong

Our message is taking hold across the Atlantic, with the UK’s Independent writing about our film, “James Cameron—Hypocrite” this past weekend, saying:

Mr Cameron is hardly the only prominent celebrity to oppose the ballot measure. Other high-profile individuals campaigning against it include David Arquette, Benjamin Bratt, and California’s Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger – a prime candidate for a similar attack advert, since he drives an SUV and commutes to Sacramento from his home in Los Angeles by private jet.

In the current economic climate, knocking the lifestyles of the rich and famous is likely to strike a chord. And given the brouhaha that greeted revelations about Al Gore’s carbon footprint, the makers of “James Cameron – Hypocrite”, who in 2009 produced a contentious documentary disputing climate change called Not Evil Just Wrong, may be tapping a rich rhetorical vein.

You can read the entire Independent article here.  The film has already received 140,000 views and continues to grow.  Please help us spread our message and share this movie with your friends, family, or anyone you think should be educated on the subject.  Prop 23 stands to set a national trend for regional carbon emission laws, and eco-hypocrites, like James Cameron, continue to throw millions at it without any concern for the economic threat it is to working class families.

Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer  on Dennis Miller’s radio program. Ann has an article at Big Government, The Playboy of the Green Hypocrisy.

Update: At CalWatchdog, Bill Gates: Another AB32 Hypocrite

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