Jay Carney Blows Kiss to Media After Resignation

Jim Hoft
The Gateway Pundit

Barack Obama just announced Jay Carney will step down as White House Press Secretary. Carney was the 29th White House Press Secretary. Josh Earnest will replace Carney at the White House.

After the announcement Carney blew kisses to the liberal press.

How apropos.




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Everything You Need to Know About Josh Earnest, Jay Carney’s Replacement (video)

…SO WHY IS HE THE NEW FLACK MASTER? Earnest’s certainly earned his new position, both due to his longtime association with the Obama administration and his long, long resume of working on political campaigns all over the country: he’s put in time as a communications advisor for former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg and a storied group of Democratic superstars including Houston Mayor Lee Brown, the Democratic National Committee, and, oddly, a short period with then-Congressman Marion Barry. He then landed a job with the 2008 Obama campaign as the Iowa communications director, and, as a profile of him in McClatchy points out, the rest was history


CAJ note: Josh Earnest first came to our attention in November 2013. (video)



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