Jews Flee France for Safe Haven of Israel

Awr Hawkins
Big Peace

Although the recent attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse, France, by a Muslim terrorist was a tragedy of immense proportions, it was not completely unforeseen.

Jews in France have long been facing hostilities from Arab immigrants in that country, and they have likewise long been looking for residences outside of France to which they can flee if the persecution becomes any worse…

…In the midst of these rising tensions, French Jews are looking to Israel as a safe haven, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is quite pleased. He understands that “Israel was set up as a haven for Jews from just such threats.”

Netanyahu described the agony he felt in response the attack on the Jewish school in Toulouse: “I saw the depth of the grief and pain of a young mother who [was] feeding a baby, who lost her husband and two of her little children, the agony of life cut short and hope which was crushed… Those kids were our kids. They were French kids and also Israeli kids.”…

The complete article is at Breitbart’s Big Peace.

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An English teacher sparked outrage across France today after calling for her pupils to observe a minute’s silence for Toulouse serial killer Mohammed Merah.

In disturbing scenes at Gustave Flaubert High School in Rouen, Normandy, Lorraine Collin, 56, described the 23-year-old who murdered seven including three children as himself being the ‘victim of an unhappy childhood’.

This prompted up to 15 pupils aged between 17 and 18 to storm out of their classroom and report Ms Collin to their headmaster…

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