Jim Rogers: US Govt to ‘Juice Up’ Economy in Election Year

Forrest Jones
13 Jan 2012

The U.S. government will spend beyond its means and the Federal Reserve will print money to juice up the economy as part of an election-year popularity ploy, says international investor Jim Rogers.

“You have to remember two things — election in America in November, so you are going to see a lot of good news. Of course you have the American government spending staggering amounts of money right now, printing a lot of money and getting ready for the election,” Rogers tells The Economic Times, an Indian English-language daily newspaper.

“It happens every four years in America. They do their best to get the economy juiced up so they can win the election.”

The Federal Reserve has carried out two rounds of quantitative easing, which are asset purchases from banks with freshly printed money designed to pump up the economy, and some Fed officials have said a third round may be needed this year…

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