Jon Huntsman has an ‘anti-GOP’ approach, crafted by his chief strategist, John Weaver


The trouble with the strategy is that… it draws huzzahs from the media! The media lures Republicans into embracing the most liberal candidate, but they will turn on him as soon as he gets the nomination. That’s what happened with John McCain, who, once nominated, wasn’t liberal enough for liberals or conservative enough for conservatives. There’s some idea that the moderates are left to throng to this liberalish Republican…

…speaking as a moderate, I’d like to say that I want the Republican candidate to define himself in conservative terms and defend that conservative vision. Thatdoesn’t mean I want everything that ordinarily gets packaged as “conservative.” I don’t. But I want someone who makes sense as the leader of the Republican Party, not a… maverick who’s about looking like he doesn’t buy into their ideology.

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