Journolister Accuses GOP of Future Racism on Rangel, Waters

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RUSH: All right. Dave Weigel (“Why-Gell,” I think is how you pronounce the reporter’s name at Slate). Now, Dave Weigel — you may not know this. Some of you might. Dave Weigel was recently canned by the Washington Post. He was a blogger who reported on the conservative movement. He was a blogger who reported on conservatives. He was supposedly a conservative hired by the Post. I think this guy was also a Journolister. At any rate, he made a controversial post. He said something. I don’t even remember what it was. I’ll find out pretty soon, but it was insulting. It was such that The Washington Post felt pressured to remove him from the blog at their website where they analyze conservatives, because you know we’re a bunch of circus acts. They have to have specific experts assigned to analyze us and what we believe, and they had to get rid of the guy.

Now he has surfaced at Slate. Do you know who owns Slate? The Washington Post. So they didn’t fire the guy. They just moved him, and he is not a conservative. He’s never been anywhere near a conservative. I didn’t read any of his stuff. I mean, why should I listen to some liberal tell me about me? It’s a total waste of time. Mr. Weigel has a post today entitled: “The Ghost of Willie Horton — Will the GOP play the Race Card on Rangel and Waters?” Here’s how his piece begins: “The commercial that keeps Democrats up at night does not exist yet. If or when it does, they expect it to look like this. Fade-in to black-and-white image of Rep. Whiteguy Bluedog, looking sleazy and pale as he messily eats a sandwich.

…Now, Mr. Weigel, you should have been listening to this program yesterday.  If you had been, you would know that the Congressional Black Caucus is upset not at me and not at the Republicans.  They are upset at Obama.  It was Obama who said, “You know, Rangel, he served a long time; time to retire with dignity.”  It is the Obama White House not showing solidarity with either Rangel or Waters because both of them endorsed Hillary.  The Congressional Black Caucus has people who are speaking publicly about their being upset with the Obama regime, not about Republicans.  The racism that exists, as it always does, is to be found in the Democrat Party, and now here comes… There’s not a commercial yet.  We don’t have a commercial, and already they are in panic and fear at Slate worrying about the next Willie Horton.

Why?  Because it worked.  The Willie Horton ad was effective, and it was effective because it was true.  But they said it “incited racist fears.”  Let me tell you something, Mr. Weigel, and the rest of you at Slate and the Democrat Party, you have a bigger problem than whatever the Republicans do.  The latest Gallup poll shows that Obama has got an approval rating of 41%, 38% among whites.  President Obama is in trouble with the people of this country.  He’s even lost 10 to 12% of the black vote.  Where is the number?  Yeah, in yesterday’s Gallup poll: Obama’s job approval rating averaged 88% among blacks.  That’s off about 10 to 12%.  Obama is losing the support of human beings in America. Now, a child of 26, Mr. Weigel, could easily predict that the Democrats and their lapdogs, in the partisan political operative media will portray any black Democrat lack of ethics as alternately Republican racism.

Okay.  So you’ve got Rangel as ethically challenged, Maxine Waters is ethically challenged, and what do we have?  We have Republican racism!  Yet we don’t even have it yet.  We don’t even have the ad.  So you are talking about genuine ethics violations on the part of Rangel and Waters and that equals what?  Republican racism, or a Republican attack machine powered by the racist tea party or both?…

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