Judge Holds Emergency Hearing In Blagojevich Case

Defense Motion To Subpoena President Barack Obama Contained Sealed Information That Was Visible In Some Electronic Formats


CHICAGO (CBS) ― The judge presiding over the corruption case against former Gov. Rod Blagojevich summoned attorneys to his courtroom Thursday evening after information in the case that was supposed to remain under seal was released to the public in a defense filing seeking to subpoena President Barack Obama.

Blagojevich’s attorneys had filed a motion Thursday asking to have the president give testimony for the upcoming trial.

The filing contained several paragraphs that had been blacked out — or redacted — because the information had been sealed by court order. However, in the electronic version of the motion, computer users have been able to copy and paste the blacked out portions into a separate document and read the passages as an unredacted version.

Zagel scheduled a 6 p.m. hearing to meet with attorneys. Assistant U.S. attorneys handling the case and defense attorney Sheldon Sorosky appeared in court Thursday evening, but Zagel held the hearing in out of public view.

Parties in the case declined to comment on the matter afterward.

The article continues at CBS 2 Chicago.

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