Judge Napolitano on House Vote to Overturn Court’s Eminent Domain Ruling

Fox News Insider

On Tuesday, the House approved legislation to overturn the 2005 Supreme Court decision that declared the ability of states to take control of private property under the doctrine of eminent domain and hand it to another private developer.

Judge Andrew Napolitano talked about this issue on Your World, calling it an “abominable Supreme Court decision,” because he explained that a decision like this is “almost never reversed.” He said that this ruling is basically saying that the government can take property from anyone it wants and sell it to somebody else, even if that person isn’t going to use it for public use.

He said that Congress is telling states that if you follow what the Supreme Court has done, “we’re going to let people sue you for it.”

“It would be a simple majority to pass it, if President Obama signs the law, “ Napolitano said. “The president has been mysteriously silent on it; the Democrats in the Senate have been mysteriously silent on it, because the vote in the House was so overwhelming with huge numbers of Democrats as well as Republicans.”

The video is a Fox News Insider.

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