Jules Crittenden: Required Reading

At the high school in la-di-da Hingham on Boston’s South Shore: “Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.” Parents complained, and the principal said their kids could read another memoir of their choice. She just never told all the other saps, who got stuck reading the vanity campaign tome.

Boston Herald:

With school opening Tuesday, the Herald has learned teens whose offended parents complained were allowed by Principal Paula Girouard McCann and Helaine Silva, head of the Hingham Public Schools English Department, to pick any other memoir – an option they never publicized.

“I had no idea,” sophomore Graham King, 15, who was only on page 120 of the 460-page autobiography yesterday, told the Herald with an astonished look. “My parents would like me to be done with it.”…

…Senior Jes Maloney, 17, just cracked Obama’s book last week.

“My mom thought it was kind of weird,” Maloney said of the tome all of Hingham was encouraged to curl up with as its “community read” for summer.

Lynne Powell-Pinto, chairwoman of the Hingham Republican Town Committee, has a son entering 11th grade.

Powell-Pinto said she brought the book home during the first week of summer vacation even though she thought it “a poor choice.”…

Crittenden’s article continues here.

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