Julian Robertson Warns 'We Are In A Bubble Market' And Yellen Is 'Way Too Easy Money'

Tyler Durden

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A spell-bound Maria Bartiromo was looking for any silver lining when Julian Robertson responded ominously,“we’re in the middle of a kind of bubble market,” and when they “prick the bubble, there will probably be a pretty bad reaction.” With views on The Fed’s easy-money, Twitter, and market frothiness, Robertson is a breath of truthy fresh air that we suspect will not be back on the money-honey’s show anytime soon…


The entire article is at ZeroHedge.


Also at the site, Paul Singer: The “Trapped, Harmful” Fed “Revels In The Role Of Atlas, Holding Up The World” 

You don’t need me to tell you that the developed countries, the US, Europe, Japan, are insolvent because of their long-term obligations.

That is merely one of the numerous punchlines uttered by Elliott Capital’s Paul Singer, a long-term critic of Obama and failed socialist policies anywhere in the world, and of course, of the supreme enabler of destructive economic policies, Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve, during his interview with the WSJ’s Gerald Baker at Heard on the Street Live earlier today…



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