Justice, at last, in Texas for Adrea Sauceda

In Less Than 20 Hours The World Will Be A Better Place (Updated: He’s Been Executed, Finally)

The Jawa Report

UPDATE by SH: Humberto Leal is dead.

The U.S. Supreme Court denied a Mexican man’s request, calling his argument meritless In a 5-4 decision an hour before the execution, the majority wrote, “We have no authority to stay an execution in light of an “appeal of the President”….

Governor Perry didn’t cave…and justice was served.

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This is a difficult read, but its important to know exactly what we are facing. The media is not going to give these details. They have whitewashed the crime in an effort to save the accused. (I’ve place the gory details below the fold to spare our more sensitive readers.)

The tragic final hours of sixteen-year-old Adrea Sauceda’s life started at an outdoor party in San Antonio, Texas.

[…] Several of the party members went looking for Adria in the same area where the party was. They found her nude body lying face-up on a dirt road. They noticed Adria’s head had been bashed in and it was bleeding. Her head was flinching or jerking. These party members called the police…

…Humberto Leal, Jr. was tried and found guilty of this brutal murder. He is scheduled to be executed at 8pm Thurday evening. This is the man Obama, the UN, and others want to save.

The complete article is at The Jawa Report. We advise CAJ readers the details of this barbaric are quite explicit.

Update: One guess which famous domestic terrorist is connected to this case?

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