Kelly: NYC bomb suspect ‘homegrown’

Associated Press
New York Post

The suspected driver in a failed car bombing of Times Square fits the profile of a recent wave “homegrown” terrorists threatening America, New York police officials warned Tuesday.

The officials said Faisal Shahzad and other suspects like Najibullah Zazi – the admitted leader of a plot to bomb the New York subway system – had roots in working- or middle-class society, some college education and no previous criminal records, but became radicalized in part by traveling to overseas terrorist hotbeds.

The Times Square threat was “a classic case of homegrown terrorism,” Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said at a briefing for private security executives…

…Prosecutors allege Shahzad, a Pakistan-born U.S. citizen living in Connecticut, claimed he received bomb-making training during a recent trip to lawless tribal areas of Waziristan. And Attorney General Eric Holder has said investigators have evidence that the Pakistani Taliban helped facilitate and finance the botched bombing.

New York Police Department analyst Mitch Silber said that along with foreign travel, homegrown terrorists typically fall under the spell of extremist, anti-American literature and rhetoric found on the Internet or elsewhere…

The entire article is at the New York Post.

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