La. won’t wait for federal OK to erect sand berms

Matthew Brown
Associated Press
via Yahoo! News

ON BARATARIA BAY, La. – Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says the state is not waiting for federal approval to begin building sand barriers to protect the coastline from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Jindal’s defiant comments Sunday came as oil pushed at least 12 miles into the heart of Louisiana’s marshes. Two major pelican rookeries are now awash in crude.

Jindal made his remarks on a boat at the edge of one of the pelican nesting grounds. He and officials from several coastal parishes say the berms would close the door on the oil still pouring from a deepwater gusher about 50 miles off the coast.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is studying the environmental impacts from the emergency barrier proposal. The Corps didn’t immediately respond to e-mails and telephone messages.

H/T Westerly Tea Party

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