Lanny Davis “clarifies” investigation comments

Yesterday we posted these comments by Democratic strategist, Lanny Davis.

This morning blogger Michelle Malkin published A message from Lanny Davis to The Mob:

Yesterday, I pointed to a piece by Lanny Davis at Politico’s Arena falsely accusing Obamacare protesters of being “organized by the Republican right” — and calling on the media to investigate and photograph grass-roots activists who forcefully express their views.

Mr. Davis sent me an e-mail last night seeking to “clear up any misunderstanding about my position and beliefs.”

…I received a number of thoughtful emails and wanted to express my appreciation to those who communicated their sincere concerns. There was a misimpression that I was in favor of suppression or discouragement of dissent concerning Democratic positions on national health care issues at congressional town hall meetings. This was not my intent. I do not wish in any way investigate, photo, or suppress the opinions of people who show up to these meetings regarding concerns about Democratic health care proposals. Indeed, I welcome that because we need more debate on this important issue.

My post specifically criticized only those who shout down and prevent others from speaking. Indeed, I specifically expressed my respect in that post for those who are genuinely concerned about the health care proposals…

You can read the entire message from Davis on Malkin’s website.

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