Last night’s New Hampshire GOP debate

George Stephanopoulos Displays Liberal Media’s 2012 Strategy

Dave Blount

Left-wing apparatchik George Snuffluplibsbutts offers a foretaste of 2012 presidential coverage by exploiting last night’s debate as an opportunity to plant in the public mind the absurd concept that Republicans want to take your Trojans away. Willard Milquetoast deals as well as can be expected with Stephanopoulos’s pathologically persistent fatuity, although a firmer defense of the 10th Amendment would be nice…

Watch the video at Moonbattery.

Also, Ron Paul: Drug Laws, Death Penalty, Draft, and Absence of Draft Are All Racist
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George Stephanopoulos Under Fire for Lame GOP Debate Moderation

Donald Douglas
American Power

…And at London’s Daily Mail, “George Stephanopoulos accused of bias in relentless questioning of Mitt Romney on jobs and contraception.”

Added: From Doug Ross, “I am so f-ing sick of these left-wing, old media hacks running GOP debates. I want a conservative bloggers’ debate!

That’s what I’m talkin’ about!…

Watch the video and read the entire post at American Power.

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The Astute Bloggers: This is how the legacy media want you to view the election



There’s much more at The Astute Bloggers.

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Blazing Cat Fur: Santorum Slams Obama’s Sanitization Of Militant Islam 

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Last night’s debate shows legacy media eager to make Republican presidential candidates appear obsessed with social issues

B. Daniel Blatt
Gay Patriot

Sometimes in their commentary, our readers express points important enough to merit a post of their own.  Our loyal reader and regular commenter did just that in a comment to my recent post on Newt Gingrich:

Why was so much time even put to the question of gay marriage last night? Really? Our economy is strangling in taxes and bureaucracy. Iran is nuking up as [President Obama] guts our military. EUrotopia is collapsing into bankruptcy. China’s economy is slowing. [Obama] has been shutting down domestic hydrocarbon production while loaning billions to Brazil for offshore drilling and running guns to Mexican drug gangs. The [president] is making unconstitutional appointments and just signed a law letting himself detain American citizens indefinitely for no reason… and they spend the first quarter of the debate talking about gay marriage? WTF?

I think we know why…

…Without folks like Gregory to push administration arguments, one wonders if the incumbent would be doing as well in the polls as he is.

Read this excellent post at Gay Patriot.

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Gleaned From the ABC News/Yahoo! Debate: George Stephanopolous’ Apparent, Curious Fixation With Birth Control, Little Else

Alan Sexton
Green Mountain Scribes

Saturday evenings ABC News/Yahoo! GOP POTUS candidates “debate” provided lite entertainment, but little else.

A combination of poor moderation and an aversion among the candidates to significantly challenge one another on issues of differentiation appears to have resulted in the candidates largely but firmly holding whatever ground they held coming into the debate…

…Perhaps the most noteworthy revelation from the debate is it would appear that Mr. Stephanopolous has a curious, almost passionate fixation with birth control methods and products, while the most noteworthy omissions were intelligent questions advanced by moderators regarding significant domestic issues of Obamacare, immigration, keystone pipeline, and the recent, highly questionably conducted recess appointments made by Barack Obama. These glaring omissions were illustrated in a well confirmed-by-“Likes” comment I read on a Facebook post…

Read the entire article at Green Mountain Scribes.

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Is Santorum’s social conservatism a problem? Or is it a step in the right direction, constitutionally speaking? Discuss at Protein Wisdom

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From Noisy Room via New Zeal: Rick Santorum to Ron Paul: “You Should Know Better Than To Cite George Soros-Like Organizations”

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Weasel Zippers: Romney’s Inexplicable Debate Fibs

Updated: Also at Weasel Zippers, Stephanopoulos struggles with fairness during NH debate

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via Big Journalism:

And for the outline of the events of the evening, ABC moderators in New Hampshire throw match into kerosene and just sit back 

Update:  Shocker: Folks kinda sorta getting tired of GOP debates


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