Lawmakers Fault EPA in Fracking Hearing Delayed by Arrest

Mark Drajem
Bloomberg Businessweek

(Updates with Josh Fox arrest in second, last paragraphs.)

Feb. 1 (Bloomberg) — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released 622 documents related to its study of water contamination tied to hydraulic fracturing in Pavillion, Wyoming, as Republican lawmakers criticized the findings.

The discussion over Wyoming took place in a Capitol Hill building where Josh Fox, the maker of the anti-fracking documentary “Gasland,” was arrested before the hearing began. Fox was trying to record the hearing, which the committee Republican leadership said requires prior accreditation.

The EPA documents include sampling data and raw findings from laboratories. The agency also said that results from the study, which found elevated levels of benzene and said the chemicals found were consistent with those used in fracking, shouldn’t be used to judge the safety of fracking in Pennsylvania or other states on the Marcellus Shale formation, where the geography is different.

“Our analysis is limited to the particular geologic conditions in the Pavillion gas field,” Jim Martin, the EPA administrator for the region that covers Wyoming, testified today at a subcommittee hearing of the House Science Committee…

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Update: Remember this? Phelim McAleer Fights Censorship by Oscar-Nominated Filmmaker After Questioning Him. First Amendment rights for Fox but not for Phelim McAleer? Josh Fox is just one more progressive hypocrite. Click our links above to see more.

Also, HBO crew briefly shuts down Hill hearing

Common American Journal welcomes reads from The Washington Times.

Update 2: Immigrants like Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer don’t understand the progressive left’s special brand of First Amendment rights. Hypocrites like Josh Fox will scream bloody murder for their own free speech, but when the rest of us try to exercise our rights? Well, not so much. Today on Facebook, Ms. McElhinney posted:

Someone just called me a “whore” on twitter for posting about Gasland director Josh Fox not allowing our free speech when we criticized him for his erroneous flammable water claims, he had his lawyers silence us twice, took down our you tube and vimeo, they lost though, both videos back up now

Lovely. Welcome to America.

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