Lawsuit Showdown Predicted for Net Neutrality

Broadband for America

In light of Verizon suing the FCC over net neutrality rules passed in December, analysts predict a “lawsuit showdown is probably in the works”. Since Verizon filed their case in the same D.C. appeals court that denied the FCC authority to regulate the Internet a year ago, proponents of the FCC will likely file lawsuits in other courts to try and move the case out of D.C. The way the system works, filing suits in other courts could trigger a lottery to determine where the case is ultimately heard. In the meantime, a series of accusatory claims have begun to surface, singling out certain companies for allegedly breaking net neutrality rules. So far, the FCC’s Internet regulations have done nothing to stimulate investment or create certainty, but instead, have taken what was a free market industry and turned it into finger-pointing distractions, none of which create jobs.

Additionally, Representative Mary Bono Mack (R-CA) has joined the fight against the FCC by launching an online petition where voters can register their opposition to net neutrality. The petition can be found on Rep. Bono Mack’s website.

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