‘Let the U.N. Criticize Us’

Thomas R. Pickering, William J. McDonough, and A. Edward Elmendorf
The New York Times

On Friday the United States will experience its first review by the United Nations Human Rights Council. The examination of its performance on human rights gives Americans an opportunity to assess their own country’s standing in promoting the liberties enshrined in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to find out what other U.N. members think of U.S. accomplishments in this arena.

Every U.N. member is subject to the review every four years whether the country is part of the Human Rights Council or not. Since the meeting is the first assessment for the United States, it will undoubtedly be watched with special interest. It will also be an important test of the council’s ability to conduct balanced and evenhanded reviews.

But there should be no illusions: The council is a highly political environment, and there is bound to be strong criticism of the United States on specific matters.

To prepare for the review, the United States — like all other countries — submitted a report to the council describing its own human rights practices…

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H/T Weasel Zippers where Veronica writes, “Pickering and McDonough from the UN-USA present President Obama’s framework for sovereignty subversion…” Go to Weasel Zippers to read the rest of the compelling commentary.

Update from The Blaze:

…North Korea, a dictatorial nation known to starve its own people, told the U.S. “to address inequalities in housing, employment and education” and “prohibit brutality…by law enforcement officials.”  The delegation also noted that it was “concerned by systematic widespread violations committed by the United States at home and abroad.”…

…Many of the UNHRC’s accusations, however, seem to accurately reflect a characterization of the council’s activities offered by former American ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton who warned against joining the council.  According to Bolton, Friday’s self-inflicted scolding from the international community underscored the Obama administration’s “naivete” toward international diplomacy.

“For the Obama administration, this is an exercise in self flagellation, which they seem to enjoy,” Bolton said. “But it doesn’t prompt equivalent candor from the real rights abusers.”

Meanwhile, the Obama administration defends its decision to voluntary subject the U.S. to such criticisms…

…“As our report acknowledges, though we are proud of our achievements, we are not satisfied with the status quo.”

That “status quo,” according to the Obama administration, has included the United States’ “long history of rights abuse.”… [Emphasis CAJ]

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