Let Them Build that Mosque at Ground Zero

Planck’s Constant
03 Aug 2010

Yeah, I said it: Let Them Build that Mosque at Ground Zero. Let me tell you why. Imagine if after WWII the Japanese built a Shinto Shrine to commemorate the deaths of their flying heroes and placed it on the shore so that from the rooftop one could easily view the USS Arizona Memorial in Pear Harbor. Wouldn’t that have been nice?

Of course, you will argue that no one in 1946 (or any year) would have been stupid enough to permit such a thing. But consider this: we in America today do business with the Japanese and harbor (no pun) no bad feelings. The greatest selling cars in this country are Japanese. However, if we had allowed such a memorial to be placed in Pearl Harbor against the overwhelming outrage of complaining Americans, do you think that we would ever have forgiven the Japanese? Wouldn’t that sore, that scab, that war memorial kept the memory of their vile actions forever alive in our collective conscience?

Well, that’s what I want. I want the Mosque built right there, as a big middle finger to every American. I want us all to see what the Muslim mind is really like. Purposely provocative, inconsiderate, discourteous, and insensitive. Their feelings are more important than any American death.

Without the mosque there, in time we will all forget who it was that killed 2996 souls that day. But I want it there so that I can come by, from time to time, and fly a mock toy airplane into the building. I invite my readers to do the same: Go buy a balsa airplane, twist the rubber band, yell “Allah Akbar” and crash it into the building whenever you pass by. I say insult them every day. Let’s not forget who the murderers are.

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See also Muslim groups fear video will spark backlash, and this from Wikipedia:

The International Freedom Center (IFC) was a proposed museum to be located adjacent to the site of Ground Zero at the former World Trade Center in New York CityUSA. It was selected in 2004 to comprise a “cultural space” near to the memorial for victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks, called Reflecting Absence

George SorosTom BernsteinAnthony Romero, and Eric Foner were promoters of the IFC…

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