‘Let’s go there’ and the ‘Top Ten Felons, Shady Characters in Obama’s Life’

William A. Jacobson
Legal Insurrection

We need to start going there.  Nothing is off limits anymore.

Via Mediaite:

“They really don’t want to talk about the economy now, do they?” Eric Bolling asked, before handing it off to Greg Gutfeld, who seemed somewhat amused by the whole thing amusing consider Obama is from Chicago. Chicago. You know, the city “where if every criminal wore an orange jumpsuit, the city would look like a giant bag of Cheetos.”

Andrea Tantaros called the ordeal “a stretch,” going on to note that “arming Mexican drug cartels” is what sounds like a felony to her. She then took a look at the Obama family tree, citing two relatives who were undocumented in this country. And then there’s Obama himself. Tantaros noted that in Dreams from My Father, Obama “talked about snorting cocaine, which is still criminal behavior. So, um yeah, I’d be careful to throw stones.”


And of course, when we go there, we need to remind people what a dismal failure Obama has been on jobs and the economy.

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