Liberals ready to use government power against Tea Party

The Washington Examiner

Sen. Chuck Schumer’s endorsement of President Obama’s use of the IRS to target and harass Tea Party, conservative and evangelical nonprofits is further evidence that many contemporary liberals are comfortable using government power to squelch political opponents. They are even willing to steamroll one of America’s most cherished rights — freedom of speech — to thwart people with views contrary to their own. Speaking to the Center for American Progress last week, Schumer decried the Tea Party’s influence on House Republicans and declared that “there are many things that can be done administratively by the IRS and other government agencies — we must redouble those efforts immediately.”

By “redouble,” does Schumer mean expand the IRS efforts beyond the more than 200 groups already targeted and harassed? The tax agency possesses a rich trove of tools with which it can make life miserable for those expressing unapproved views. So, does he have in mind censoring what can be said or published by these groups? Or is the New York senator thinking more along the lines of seizing assets from individuals associated with the proscribed groups? Might he be planning on introducing a Tea Party tax to be collected by the IRS?…

…Schumer’s comments should spark some serious reflection among journalists as well. It’s not coincidental that the people who have no qualms about siccing federal agencies on political opponents also have no qualms about using the government to harass and intimidate the news media…


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Also at the site,  Chuck Schumer: Voice of the little man, courtier of plutocrats

The favorite senator of Wall Street and K Street explained to a liberal D.C. audience last week how to defang the Tea Party: offer a populist message that splits the grassroots from their wealthy donors.

Republicans should listen to this counsel, and turn the tables on Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York…

…Schumer, to fund his own elections, taps deep into the plutocracy he condemns…



Update:  Former Congressman Allen B. West has a message for Schumer and his progressive pals.

…Thanks Chuckie, you’ve basically admitted the Democrats, i.e. progressive socialists have and will more strenuously use the IRS and other government agencies in a fight against the American people. American people who believe in constitutional conservative principles.

You’ve stated you and others — which I am quite sure means President Obama — will use government power to attack, intimidate, and destroy American citizens…



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