Lockerbie Bomber Goes Truant

By Joy Tiz
December 16, 2009

Lockerbie bomber, Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi has been misplaced. The terrorist was released by Scottish authorities back in April in a show of great compassion for the barbarian who slaughtered 270 innocent citizens in 1988.

Based on the assertion that Megrahi was suffering from prostate cancer and had one foot in the land of seventy-two virgins, the savage was exempted from doing any more prison time contingent upon his pinky swear that he would behave himself and die forthwith. Even Barack Obama took a non-nurturing posture regarding this particular terrorist.

Miraculously, the terrorist is still getting around months later. He’s done so well under the care lovingly provided by his Libyan admirers, he has managed to take off on a surprise get away.

Mystery surrounded the Lockerbie bomber last night after he could not be reached at his home or in hospital.”

“Libyan officials could say nothing about the whereabouts of Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi, and his Scottish monitors could not contact him by telephone. They will try again to speak to him today but if they fail to reach him, the Scottish government could face a new crisis.”

Ok, sure it was insane to let him out in the first place. But, it’s not like nobody was keeping tabs on him. The bomber was ordered to maintain regular communication with East Renfrewshire Council. As long as the East Renfrewshire Council is on top of it, why despair.

“On Sunday evening The Times called at the bomber’s home in suburban Tripoli. A policeman sitting on a plastic chair outside was asked to deliver a message to al-Megrahi. He spoke no English, but indicated that al-Megrahi was not there.

The next day The Times visited the Tripoli Medical Centre where a Megrahi was treated soon after his return to Libya. The receptionists said he had left the hospital some time ago.

Back at al-Megrahi’s home, there was no sign of activity. One of three security officers sitting in a grey Mercedes car outside said: ‘They’ve all gone.’ He refused to elaborate. “

Of course, there is the possibility Megrahi has at long last gone to meet Allah. But was this entire hoax not perpetrated on the fiction that the barbarian has only a few short days, weeks at best, to live?

Perhaps the senate should chuck it’s current health care bill and study up on what it is they are doing in Libya that gets such spectacular results.

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