Marco Rubio: My Promise

Freedom’s Lighthouse

Florida Senator-elect Marco Rubio has sent a letter thanking his supporters and outlining his agenda after his swearing in on January 5th.

…Next Wednesday, January 5th, we begin the hard work of turning principles into policies, ideas into legislation and campaign promises into a new course for our state and America. On that day – and because of your support – I will be sworn in as Florida’s next United States Senator.

We’ve come a long way from the early days of our campaign when few believed we could win. But we did win, because you understood as I do that America is the greatest country in all of human history and that keeping it exceptional requires hard work, dedication and strong principles to guide us.

As I start working in the U.S. Senate on behalf of all Floridians, I invite you to share in this special moment next Wednesday at noon. You can watch the ceremony are on C-SPAN. We’ll post it on our YouTube page later as well.

I also invite you to keep track of our work and progress in the Senate. Although the campaign is behind us, it’s important that we not lose our focus nor abandon our grassroots efforts to spread our message and encourage our friends and relatives to support the legislation I will be fighting for to tackle the debt, repeal and replace ObamaCare, and turn our “Ideas to Reclaim America” into policies that make a difference in your lives.

To this end, we’ll keep updating our Facebook and campaign website with news on our efforts in Washington. I encourage you to help spread the word with your networks…

Read the entire message at Freedom’s Lighthouse.

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