Marine on leave at home in FL, and his wife, attacked by teens at movie theatre

“It’s like, ‘What the hell am I fighting for?’ “

Note to Colman McCarthy: It wasn’t a degree in Peace™ that helped this Marine and his wife

Darlene Click
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At the very end of the report, almost as a throw-away observation, the reporter notes:

“To give you an idea of how intense this all got, Kayln [the wife] tells us the reason many of those teens backed off was because a witness at that theater, a good Samaritan of sorts, had a gun in his car and he flashed that gun at that group to get them to leave this couple alone.”


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Update: via GatewayPundit; One of these 14 year old punks has filed a complaint against the Freires!

Update 2: Attack on Marine at Florida Theater Comes Months After Brother’s Death at Navy Hospital

…Ezequiel Freire, a 20-year-old Marine who spent eight months in Afghanistan, died Feb. 13 after doctors served him a deadly cocktail of narcotics and sedatives as he awaited cancer treatment at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center in Virginia, his family said…

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