Mark Levin: McConnell just cut the legs right out from under House Republicans…

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Earlier today we wrote about how Cruz, Lee, Paul, Enzi, and Roberts were all standing together to strip the IMF legislation out of the aid package bill for Ukraine. As I said earlier, the IMF legislation would basically double the contribution of the US to the IMF fund while lessening America’s influence over how that money is spent.

So what does McConnell do? Does he stand with the filibuster effort? No, pushes Republicans to vote for the bill, thus making sure to get Harry Reid his 60 votes to pass the bill to prevent the filibuster led by Cruz and the others.

So now Reid’s Ukraine aid bill containing the IMF legislation has bipartisan support and he will use that to hammer the House to accept his bill. And we all know what tends to happen when Reid and Obama gang up on the House leadership. They fold like a lawn chair on a rainy day.

Mark Levin says McConnell and the Republican leadership could learn something from Putin, that is Obama will eventually fold if you stand firm against him.

Listen [to the audio] as Levin explains it in much more detail…



The audio is at The Right Scoop.



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