Mark Levin: Obama is preparing to destroy the role of Congress by unilaterally ignoring debt ceiling

Jen Kuznicki

(Mark Levin has laid out last night what Obama’s plans are should the Republicans hold the line and refuse to increase the debt ceiling.  We have been here before, as I found it important to write about two years ago when Obama and the media were considering the unconstitutional and impeachable option of using the 14th Amendment to bypass Congress on the debt ceiling.

I felt compelled to partially transcribe Mark’s commentary from last night’s show, because it is very important that we get this information to our Republican members of Congress.  I have linked to the relevant articles and podcast beneath the transcription.  THANK ME! heh..)

LEVIN: This is what I want you to focus on, the word Default.  He’s repeatedly using it, he’s repeatedly saying it, that we face


His billionaire friends from Wall Street who visited with him and then went out on the White House driveway and were saying the same things, “We cannot have a Default.”  Which means he was pumping it into them there as well.

So, he’s using it in his interviews, he’s using it in his rabble-rousing speeches, he’s using it in private with these groups that he meets with, Default, Default, Default.

Why is he saying that?  Just to scare people? Well, that’s part of it, obviously, but it’s more than that, Ladies and Gentlemen…

…his mindset is that of an Imperial President.  And he takes things very personally too, “Well, you can’t do that to me, I’m the President, I was elected.”

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, the President has to comply with the Constitution too, as I say all the time, the Constitution is not up for election.  Everyone of these people in Washington are obligated to live within their roles under the Constitution.

So he keeps bringing up Default, he’s doing this purposefully…


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