Mark Levin, Sarah Palin talk with Sean Hannity about Obama scandals, Republicans in DC, more

WATCH: Mark Levin talks to Hannity about Obama scandals, Republicans in DC, and more…

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Mark Levin gave a great interview on Hannity tonight discussing both Obama from his speech today, his scandals, and the problem with Republicans in Washington and why we need to take over the Republican Party…





Sarah Palin on Obama’s ‘lack of understanding’ of the VA

Former vice presidential candidate reacts to the controversy

“Isn’t it ironic that those who were willing to sacrifice all, to put their life on the line to allow the freedom of choices in health care and economic decisions and everything else – our soldiers, our airmen, our Marines – they’re the ones getting screwed by the VA.”




Related: Scandal Exhaustion

Listening to President Obama respond on May 21 to the latest scandal regarding something about which he knew and did nothing—the mess at the Veterans Administration—was such a familiar event that I have reached a point of exhaustion trying to keep up with everything that has been so wrong about his six years in office. As he always does, he said was really angry about it.

Writing in the May 20 Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin said, “Forget ideology for a moment. Whether you are liberal or conservative, the Obama presidency’s parade of miscues is jaw-dropping.”…

…Obama spent his entire first term blaming all such things on his predecessor, George W. Bush, until it became a joke.

One has to wonder about the effect of the endless succession of scandals and fiascos have had on Americans as individuals and the nation as a whole…


Update: Dem Rep. Declares There Are No Problems With Florida VA System… So the Internet Reminds Her. Despite the fact that many of her Democratic colleagues are calling for heads to roll…


Caddell: Obama Doesn’t Care About VA Scandal More Than He Does About IRS Scandal (video)

PAT CADDELL: This is a president who said I know nothing, the Sergeant Schultz defense, as it was with the IRS, as it is with every scandal. I don’t know. I know nothing about it. You know, the problem is that there’s a culture in Washington that John was alluding to and I was trying to refer to earlier of our government, of the government complex, which is everyone in Washington is there to serve themselves. We have people in the VA bonuses for killing people, for God’s sake. Obama hasn’t cared anything about it any more than he has cared about what happened at the IRS or anything else, but the culture here is unbelievable. It is that the people serve the government. The government is there for us to feather our nests. The VA is the worst example, and it’s so amazing now to see even Democrats, even people in my party upset who can’t seem to get themselves upset about all the other scandals. But it is a mentality in Washington that says screw the people and the hell with them as John said. And the president, he really doesn’t care. I’m sorry to be cynical but truthful.




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