Mark Levin Transcript: What happens when the system collapses?

Doug Ross
Director Blue

A caller to Thursday’s Mark Levin Show [MP3] had an interesting question regarding the inevitable result of the Obama Democrats’ outrageous deficit spending.

Curtis: We talk about all of this out-of-control spending, we have the CBO reports, the GAO, the Medicare Trustees, I mean how much time do we really have before…

Levin: Well, the Social Security Trustees report that we have only 11 years, that’s all.

Curtis: But the government… the government bubble… the government collapse?…

…Curtis: What will this collapse look like [when it occurs]? What will we experience?

Levin: I can give some indicators. I don’t know exactly what it will look like…

…you will see signs… of more and more aggressive central government… this is one of the reasons you hear me, on and on and on, attack class warfare. Because it’s not about class warfare. If they can break down the most successful and productive elements of our society, they’re going to break you down.

And when they break you down, you’re going to ask for help. From whom? The government. Not all of you, but you get the point…

…the Constitution was set up the way it was set up to prevent this sort of thing. The people in public office today, the president, almost all of the members of his party in DC,reject limited constitutional government….


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Related: Dr. Benjamin Carson spoke at CPAC 2013 this weekend, “Economics is not brain surgery.”  Watch his speech at Fox News Insider.

“Health care is one-sixth of our economy. If the government can control that, they can control just about everything. We need to understand what is going on, because there are much more economic models that can be used to give us good health care than what we have now. And we were asleep at the wheel to let it happen, but we have to find a way still to make it work,” said the neurosurgeon, who drew applause by saying “economics is not brain surgery.”


Update: Like this: Europe Does It Again: Cyprus Depositor Haircut “Bailout” Turns Into Saver “Panic”, Frozen Assets, Bank Runs, Broken ATMs

...The island’s bailout had repeatedly been delayed amid concerns from other EU states that its close business relations with Russia, and a banking system flush with Russian cash, made it a conduit for money-laundering.

“My understanding is that the Russian government is ready to make a contribution with an extension of the loan and a reduction of the interest rate,” said the EU’s top economic official, Olli Rehn.

Almost half of [Cyprus’] depositors are believed to be non-resident Russians, but most of those queuing on Saturday at automatic teller machines to pull out cash appeared to be Cypriots.

While “saving”, pardon the pun, yet another insolvent country merely has the intent of keeping it in the Eurozone, and thus preserving Europe’s doomed monetary block and bank equity for a little longer, this idiotic plan will achieve two things: i) infuriate not just Russians but very wealthy, and very trigger-happy Russians. The revenge of Gazpromia will be short and swift, and we certainly would not want to be Europeans next winter when the average heating level of Western European will depend on the whims of Russian natural gas pipeline traffic; ii) start a wave of bank runs first in Cyprus and soon everywhere else that has the potential of being the next Cyrpus…


Update 2: The Biggest Lie Ever Sold to the American Public

The US has been lying to all of us for decades now.

We’re not talking about some kooky conspiracy theory… we’re talking about INFLATION


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