Mass New York Rally Protest Against Obama Threatening Existence Of Israel

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem —- Thousands of American Jews and Christians are expected to gather this Sunday at 1 PM outside of the Israel Consulate, located at 800 Second Avenue (42nd Street & 2nd Avenue) to protest US President Barack Obama scapegoating of Israel and his increasingly hostile anti – Israel proposals and actions.

Numerous rabbis and heads of Jewish and Christian organizations will also be present.

“We are outraged that President Obama is scapegoating Israel and wants to expel Jews from their homes in their capital of Jerusalem. President Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton show more anger about a Jewish family building a home in Jerusalem than Iran building a nuclear bomb,” said Beth Gilinsky, President of the Jewish Action Alliance.

“Vast segments of the Jewish community will not tolerate the President Obama continuing attacks on Israel. Grassroots Jewry will not be silent.”

Jewish and Christian protesters will raise large signs that read: “Jerusalem: Israel’s United and Eternal Capital,” “Hillary Clinton: Pressure Iran, Not Israel!”, “Obama: Stand up for America, Stop Bowing to Saudi Kings!”, and “Obama: Jews Will Not Be Silent.”

A taped statement by former US Congressman and three term New York City Mayor Ed Koch, who has vigorously expressed his shock and displeasure with President Obama hostility toward Israel, will be played to attendees.

Koch, a Democrat who campaigned for Barack Obama, now sees Obama as a real threat to Israel’s existence saying that “Obama is throwing Israel under the bus to appease radical Muslims”.

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