Massa Mess: Democratic Leaders Leave Questions Unanswered

Posted by Kevin Boland
on Republican Leader Boehner’s blog

Last week, the House sent a strong public signal – with an overwhelming bipartisan vote – that an investigation of what House Democratic leaders knew about the allegations against former Democratic Rep. Eric Massa, and what actions they took after learning of those allegations, is necessary. These questions must be answered.

CNN reported yesterday:

Republicans continue to push for an in-depth investigation into former Democratic Rep. Eric Massa’s alleged sexual harassment scandal — questioning when Democratic leaders knew, and whether they failed to act…A report in The Washington Post said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office was notified of the situation within Massa’s office in October by Joe Racalto, a top Massa aide, concerned about his boss’ behavior. Pelosi said in published reports that she was notified about the sexual harassment claims on March 3.

As Peter Roff, at US News & World Report’s Thomas Jefferson Street blog, noted last week:

[Nancy Pelosi] came to the speakership promising to ‘drain the swamp’ after a series of ethical embarrassments cost the GOP its majority in 2006. Only she failed here as well, trying to build a small air force for herself during the initial days of the Obama presidency and by refusing to boot New York Democrat Charlie Rangel from the chairmanship of the Committee on Ways and Means. She has also failed, apparently, to distinguish herself in the way she dealt with the ethical missteps of another New York Democrat, Eric Massa, now resigned.

The commentary continues at Leader Boehner’s blog.

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