Massachusetts school closes for Muslim religious holiday of Eid

Bare Naked Islam

More at Bare Naked Islam.

RelatedThanks to the English Defence League (EDL), the Muslim hate group ‘Muslims Against Crusades’ has been banned in the UK

On the eve of the Muslim ‘Hell for Heroes’ protest against British Military Heroes Remembrance Day, the UK Home Secretary has made it illegal to be a member of this traitorous, hate mongering Muslim group…

Update: WHACK-A-MO! – It makes no sense to Ban “Muslims Against Crusades”

Also, Dear Ali Sina

My name is Yafa and I am currently a college student in the metro Detroit area, which has a huge population of Muslims.

Recently we had a speaker come to our University – Gill Hoffman from the jpost, and Muslim studets organized a huge protest against it. These are the pictures from the event. I have never seen so much hate and anger in my life…

And, Germans Stunned by Report on Forced Marriages

A new report shows that thousands of young women and girls in Germany are victims of forced marriages every year.

Most of the victims come from Muslim families; many have been threatened with violence and even death.

The revelations have shocked the German public and will add to the ongoing debate in Germany over the question of Muslim immigration and the establishment of a parallel Islamic society there…

Update 2: In Obama’s Egypt, Women Herded and Tied Like Camels

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