May day, May day

By Alberto de la Cruz
Babalu Blog

American Thinker‘s Robin of Berkeley is a self-described “recovering liberal” who lives and works in the American mecca of leftist ideology, Berkeley, California. She has penned an excellent piece in commemoration of May Day that compares her view of the Marxist holiday from the days when she was a liberal, and now that she has her wits about herself.

Here’s a snippet:

I considered it a great honor to celebrate May Day, which represents all things Marxist. My deep and exhaustive knowledge of Communism was limited to the movies, for instance, “The Motorcycle Diaries,” and “Reds.” Warren Beattie and Diane Keaton appeared so courageous and passionate in “Reds,” and the guy playing Che was hecka hot. Anyway, Hollywood wouldn’t mislead us, would they?

Consequently, I was deeply disturbed when the Soviets failed and the former Republics embraced the big and bad capitalism. Luckily, I could still wax rhapsodic about Cuba, and dream of someday visiting that utopia. Since I’m playing True Confessions here: I even drove my car out of my way to fill up with Citgo, the gasoline from Venezuela.

What can I say? I was an idiot.

Locally, I did my part for all oppressed workers by being a union activist. When I worked at a large hospital chain, I was pivotal in starting a 600 plus member union.

Yes, it was SEIU.

I didn’t know, wasn’t told (and didn’t take the time to find out) that Marxism was a very bad thing; that, in fact, hundreds of millions died. The first time I heard of this was weeks into recovery from liberalism.

You can read the whole piece HERE.

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