Meet Jason Allen – Unions’ favorite Republican, sent to rescue Stupak seat from conservative wave

Carpet-bagging union lackey is the nicest thing I can say about him.

by E Pluribus Unum

We owe it to the people of Michigan to help them beat Jason Allen in the Republican primary. — Erick

I love when my income, that I worked my butt off for, is confiscated by the state government without my knowledge or consent, and given to the SEIU. Don’t you?

Doesn’t everybody love to hand over their hard-earned cash to the Purple People Beaters?

Well, if you live in Michigan, and you are a self-employed provider of personal care services to elderly Medicaid recipients in their homes, Republican State Senator Jason Allen wants to put you in the SEIU and put some of your money in their pockets.

And who is this Jason Allen?

He wants to be your Republican –yes, your Republican — United States Representative for Michigan’s 1st District (MI-1). This seat is currently held by Bart Stupak, the traitor to pro-life Americans everywhere, and traitor to his district. He did his dirty deed, then announced his retirement when his constituents roundly condemned him, and front-running Republican opponent, career surgeon Dan Benishek’s star, support, and campaign cash all began to rise dramatically.

Care to guess where Jason Allen lives? It’s not in MI-1. Well, not until last week. He has apparently moved there as of April 20, in order to establish residence. Looking at his history, it’s no surprise this man believes in “representing” people he doesn’t actually represent.

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