Meghan McCain vs. Iowahawk: Dare to take a guess?

Jim Treacher
The DC Trawler
The Daily Caller

…I wasn’t rooting for Mark Sanford to beat [whatever Stephen Colbert’s sister’s name is] for that South Carolina Congressional seat, and I was vaguely embarrassed that he got the nomination in the first place. But he won, and he’s not a socialist jailbird like his opponent. Besides, it makes Stephen Colbert sad. So I’ll take it.

All of which is a preamble to the following exchange, which justifies not only the existence of Twitter, but of human language itself…




Did you feel that? That was the indisputable, unavoidable truth.

Meggie Mac felt it. And she sure ain’t used to it…

…By the way, back in ’09, when Sanford got into trouble in the first place, Megs wrote:

Forgive Mark Sanford

Sex scandals like Governor Sanford’s and John Ensign’s are private matters that don’t affect public policy and shoot down rising political stars. It’s time to end hypocrisy in America.

But see, that was different because..


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Related: On his Facebook page Jim wrote last night, “That’s right, libs, you got beat by a philandering wingnut. Take some time to catch your breath before you go back to praising Bill Clinton.”




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