Mexico Wants Gun Registry of American’s Guns

I’m Asking Texas to Give an Official Response

Maggie’s Notebook

Mexico wants to trace gun violence back into the U.S. and into our border states, and they want to do it through, wait for it…a gun registry of American gun owners. Arizonans don’t like it, but then it they didn’t like Mexico joining Obama’s lawsuit against Arizona’s immigration law either. Arizonans think a registry of gun owners, compiled for a foreign country, is an invasion of privacy. I think we should let Texas handle the official response to Mexico for Second Amendment-loving-Americans. Immediately after Texas issues the statement, we need 10 Million Americans to clog the avenues of Washington D.C. with the message – don’t even think about a gun registry anywhere in the U.S. We’ll have to do it one day soon, you know we will, and God help us, make the voices of the people be heard…

…Just a rumor, but I heard Obama is drawing up an Executive Order to make our friends south of the border feel more comfortable with us [sarc]…the detestable, violent Americans who send Mexico $71 Billion annually in foreign aid, and put up with their ruthless gangs and human trafficking of young girls and women on American streets. Let’s be clear, Mexico accepts the human trafficking by drug cartels in their own country. We accept it here because we refuse to close our borders. And…

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At The Blaze, Why is Mexico Asking the U.S. Senate for a Registry of U.S. Gun Owners?


CAJ note: Well, the biggest U.S. gunrunner across the border is Obama’s Department of Justice, evidently, under the name Operation Fast and Furious. But the Mexican government already know about that. Not to worry: Senator John McCain will probably be more than happy to comply with their request.

Update: USDA/Mexican consulates to immigrants: Don’t worry, food stamps won’t affect citizenship chances


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