Michelle Malkin Deserves To Die!

The Jawa Report

…at least according to Alec Baldwin’s deranged followers. A confessed, convicted cop-killer deserves clemency, but a right-wing blogger exercising freedom of speech, and all civility goes out the window.

It all started with Alec Baldwin’s anti-death penalty rants involving cop-killer Troy Davis. Baldwin tweeted, among other things: “Wonder if the McPhail family will seek death penalty for US leaders who killed thousands of US soldiers and countless innocent Iraqis” and “When do Cheney and Rumsfeld go on trial for murder? Will that trial be in Texas? Georgia?”

Michelle Malkin responded to Baldwin’s anti-death penalty, anti-Bush/Cheney ravings with: “Waiting for Hollyweirdo @alecbaldwin ‘s “I am Troy Davis” tweet…”

And then it was on! An enraged Baldwin sicced his minions on Malkin. Within minutes, the death threats started pouring in:

So, let’s get this straight – an admitted, convict murderer = innocent, but one innocuous tweet calling Baldwin a “hollyweirdo” = capital crime deserving of death…

* * *

To see more screen shots from Malkin’s Twitter feed go to The Jawa Report. It got much worse…

Also at The Jawa Report, Alec Baldwin: “Right-Wing Bashing Is The Most American Thing You Can Do.”

Of course, we don’t expect much from the misogynist Baldwin, after he called his eleven year old daughter a “rude, thoughtless pig.” Remember, NYC: this man wants to be your mayor.

This is just more of the new civility of the tolerant liberal left.

From The Right Scoop, Glenn Beck: Michelle Malkin is one of the bravest people I know

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