Michelle Obama, meet the newly-awakened Gene Simmons

Video via Breitbart.tv

Michelle Obama Flashback: Health Care Reform Requires Americans to ‘Sacrifice’“In order for all of us to get a little bit more…a whole bunch of us are going to have to give up a little something that we have.”

Kiss’s Simmons: Wealthy must ‘know your choices’

“I just want to address those of you out there who might be like me, in pop culture, basketball players, entertainers, rock stars, people like that. We are not really the most well-informed people, and yet, because we’ve worked really hard, and the American dream is alive and well, we’ve been able to become high net-worth individuals.”

If there is trouble loading the video on your computer, you can view it here.

At CAJ we believe a democratic government requires an informed citizenry…

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