Mister Schmidt, Tear Down This Database

It’s time all Americans stopped pretending that “Don’t be evil” actually means anything, and started looking closely at every single element of policy the firm promotes, starting with Net Neutrality, examining for ways that the corporation will gain at our expense.

Neil Stevens
This is how privacy dies: to thunderous applause

Neil Stevens

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Google is trying to ram through Net Neutrality, to give government control over every Internet-connected computer network in the country (which is almost all of them, these days). But now Google is scanning your home networks directly.

Quoth The Register, which cites Der Spiegel we know it’s not something they just made up:

The Street View service is under fire in Germany for scanning private WLAN networks, and recording users’ unique Mac (Media Access Control) addresses, as the car trundles along.

….But Google’s uniquely cavalier approach to privacy, and its potential ability to cross reference the information raises additional concerns. Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently said internet users shouldn’t worry about privacy unless they have something to hide. And when there’s nowhere left to hide…?

Made my point for me. Schmidt laughed at us when he was questioned on Google’s shameless data gathering and database creation. And between Google Buzz and the Chinese attacks, none of us has any reason to believe our data at Google is secure.

Chairman Schmidt, if you seek trust, open up your practices. Mister Schmidt, tear down this database.

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