More about the State of the Union from Glenn Beck, others

Glenn Beck
The Blaze TV

Glenn breaks down some of the ridiculous ideas Obama laid out in his State of the Union.


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Tim Scott on Obama: “80 percent of what he says we never see come to fruition”

Obama Lied About Deficit Reduction During #SOTU Speech

Krauthammer: The Definition Of A Liberal Is To Take Failed Program And ‘Double Down And Make It Universal’

Speaking Truth to Power– Special Report discussed Barack Obama’s latest universal boondoggle he’s promoting in his latest campaign tour across America. Charles Krauthammer had this to say, “It’s failure and yet he wants to double down…”

Not about SOTU, but we could not resist including it: IT’S GOOD TO BE THE GOD-KING: Bryan Preston: Obama Is Always Either Campaigning Or Vacationing….

A closer look at Obama’s universal pre-K proposal

Mark Levin Trashes Obama For Ignoring The Constitution, Tells GOP To ‘Start Acting Like Men’

UpdateBusinesses Will Raises Prices and Cut Employee Hours Under Obama Minimum Wage Hike


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