More Big Labor-induced misery: The looming port strike

Michelle Malkin

I’ve been reporting since September on the potentially catastrophic port strike in the works, and have been tracking the Occupy-supported and manufactured chaos at our ports for the past year.

Things are about to come to a head.

On the West Coast:

The Port of Portland (Oregon) is bracing for a strike by longshore workers on Nov. 25 “that would tie up millions of dollars worth of freight at three terminals.”…

…As I explained two months ago, an estimated 14,500 union workers at 14 ports are prepared to tip the economy back into recession over productivity and efficiency rules changes. ILA’s main beef is with container royalty caps to target port corruption:

…Think the Mafia no longer casts a shadow upon this union? Think again. The commission revealed the ILA has put a good number of relatives of organized crime figures on the payroll – and has rewarded them generously. The spirit of the late godfather of the Genovese crime family, Vincent “the Chin” Gigante, for one, lives here. One of Gigante’s nephews, Ralph Gigante, is a shop steward for an ILA local, which provides him with an annual income of at least $400,000. And two of Gigante’s sons-in-law, Joseph Colonna and Robert Fyfe Jr., serve as stewards in the same union. Colonna’s predecessor, John Bullaro, was the Chin’s brother-in-law. In all, the late Genovese boss has nine relatives working for the union.

The sum of these archaic rules, to say nothing of mob influence, says USMX’s Capo, has cost port operators billions of dollars…

There’s much more to read at

Also, (Un)Happy Strikesgiving

SEIU and friends are causing havoc across the country for Thanksgiving.

This is what Obama’s Big Labor-endorsed “revenge” looks like.

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